Social Shortcuts Syllabus

Effective communication made simple

Social Shortcuts Personal Coaching

Social Shortcuts coaching is split into different sections so that you can work on one area at a time in great detail until it comes naturally to you, this has proven to be the way to help our students learn the fastest rather than trying to focus on everything at once. Our coaches specialise in sections to make the coaching as efficient as possible. The coaching is done in person in London.

Our team of coaches will guide you personally through the social shortcuts coaching process, the sections are ordered in a way that helps you to learn the fastest, this is flexible and may be re ordered slightly to fit your specific requirements. If you are really looking to sharpen your social skills and get the best outcomes from your interactions this will work for you.

Our coaches are all very competent in their fields and also very competent at teaching and helping you to learn effectively. If you are unsure then we recommend booking a free trial with the head coach as there is nothing to lose and we are confident you will want to continue!

Our coaches specialise in certain sections of the social shortcuts coaching process, as you go through the process you will be put with a variety of different coaches with different specialist areas of the process, this makes the coaching of a higher quality and gives you some fresh perspectives over time.

The coaching process in the usual order is as follows:

  • Overcoming social anxiety
  • How to never run out of things to say and conversation basics
  • How to be more funny
  • Body language
  • Story telling and voice tone
  • Flirting
  • The best ways to start a conversation and how to deal with groups
  • Text messaging and social media

Coaching can also be done by Skype for those who live far away, for more options to those unable to travel into London check out our page for text coaching.

For students who do paid coaching sessions with one of our coaches we also offer the service of having access to our Whatsapp group and contact with your current coach by text in order to ask any questions or discuss anything you need to talk about.